Krakow Views

Krakow is a stunning city both day and night and we insist that you take some photos so you have something to remember the city by when you head home. To help you on your quest, here are some great places to catch the best Krakow Views:

Wawel Castle

Wawel Castle sits proudly atop a hill that overlooks the whole city. Take half a day and head up there to explore. Be sure to check out Parish House, Sigismund III Vasa Tower, Wawel Cathedral, the Cathedral Museum and, of course, the spectacular panoramic views of the river and the city below.

Main Square

Krakow has a large and architecturally stunning main square. Surrounded by shops and cafes at ground level, look up and you’ll see, among other building, St. Mary’s Basilica, Town Hall Tower and the Adam Mickiewicz Monument. And, drawing the biggest crowds is Cloth Hall in center which opens as a massive walk-through marketplace during the day.

Kładka Ojca Bernatka

Kładka Ojca Bernatka is one of the largest pedestrian bridges in the city, and in recent years has become a place for young couples to express their love with a kiss, and perhaps, a padlock attached to the bridge’s fence. It’s also a good point to stop and take a photo of the river and the parts of the city on both sides.