Jewish Culture in Krakow

Jewish Culture in Krakow is as old as time and they’ve had a community in the city for most of the city’s history. While there were times of prosperity for the Jewish community they’ve also saw the face of great tragedy, particularly during the world wars.

If you’re keen to see the impact the Jewish community has on the city, here are some things to check out:


Kazimierz is the Jewish district of Krakow and various cemeteries and synagogues are worth finding and exploring. It’s also home to some of the cities hippest bars and coolest restaurants and is busy come day or night. If you want to feel the vibrancy of Jewish Culture in Krakow you’ll want to come here.


Podgórze was where the Krakow Ghetto was built in 1941 and where many Jews spent the remainder of their lives during the war before being forced to a concentration camp. Today you can find a memorial to the Jews that suffered there and several remaining fragments of the ghetto wall. Also worth seeing in the area is the triangular market square and the impressive St. Joseph Church as well as the green hills of Krzemionki.

Oskar Schindler’s Factory

During the war, the factory produced enamel. It’s owner, Oskar Schindler, by using of his personal wealth and connections to the Nazi Party, was able to hire and protect over 1,000 Jewish workers. These actions that saved them from certain death. Today part of the factory has re-opened as a museum and there is also a contemporary art gallery on site.